ConVocation has ended
ConVocation is a convention of the many mystical spiritual paths and faiths and the people that follow them who desire to teach each other and promote fellowship among all esoteric traditions.

Since 1995, this 4-day event has brought together over 100 classes and rituals presented by local instructors, internationally renowned guest speakers and authors. Along with workshops, ConVocation offers over 40 tables of merchandise in our Merchant Room, an Art Show and the largest indoor Drum Circle in the Midwest.

For 2013 our theme will be based on the message of the 19th card of the Tarot, The Sun. The theme we are working on from this card is “A Little Illumination, If You Please.” We will be focusing on the messages of the Sun, on our Inner Light, Reason, Personal Power or Youthful Exuberance. We will explore the masculine energies that come from the Sun, and how each of us in finding our Inner Power build our Community.


River Earth Wonders, LLC


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Between the Waters Society

Rev. John Fox Adelmann

Ar nDraiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship (ADF)
Archdruid Emeritus
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Anna Calhoun

The Smokey Crystal, LLC
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Kenn Day

ShamansTouch - Traditional Chinese Medicine & Shamanic Healing
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Ellen Dugan

Author, Garden Witch, psychic-clairvoyant
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Jim Ekhardt

Blackberry Pines Farm
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Nichole Ellwanger

Lansing Pagan Pride Day
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Amie Fournier-Flather

Open Chest Studio
Owner, Artisan
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Raven Kaldera

First Kingdom Church of Asphodel
Priest, minister, and shaman
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Steve Kenson

Temple of Witchcraft
Gemini Minister
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Shauna Aura Knight

Ringing Anvil
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M. Macha NightMare

Cherry Hill Seminary
Witch at Large
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Corvis Nocturnum

Schiffer Publishing

Shetan Noir

Apocalypse Theatre
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Christopher Penczak

Temple of Witchcraft
President and Co-Founder
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Dana Piper

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Lucille Rose

Lotions Potions & Notions
Business Owner
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Rev. David C Sassman

Circle Sanctuary/ Pagan Educational Network (PEN)
Minister/ (PEN) Executive Dir
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Puck Shadowdrake

Self-employed published author
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Jacki Smith

Coventry Creations
Founder, President & Enchantress
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Matthew Venus

Spiritus Arcanum
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Andrieh Vitimus

Llewellyn Worldwide
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Alex Wedmedyk

Earth Rhythm
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Michael Wiggins

Creator Of Dreams